We went to GRACELAND!

We went to GRACELAND!
One of the many shrines burning out side the gates on the evening of August 15, 2007.


Why Elvis?

That's what we'd like to know... so on August 2nd we headed to Graceland with a four chick crew and a pink Cadillac for the 30th Anniversary of the King's passing (d. 8/16/77). The caddy died two days in (check out our Blog archive) but we kept going! We met hundreds of fans along the way and witnessed the amazing 50,000 person vigil in front of the King's mansion on the evening of August 15th.

So now we must make the documentary so stay tuned.

Also, if you were there please send your pictures, stories and memories to:
Note: All of the images on our website (save for any of the King himself) have been sent to us by family, friends and other fans - or taken by one of the crew.


Erica, Dagmar, Helen and Kozue

Sunday, August 19, 2007


Hello loyal readers. Sorry to be MIA there but it was hot hot hot and we had no internet and were gone all day and all night. We got some amazing footage despite being forbidden to film on or around Graceland. Memphis is amazing and 70,000 Elvis fans cannot be wrong. We met dozens of E.T.A.s (Elvis Tribute Artists) and saw license plates of many loyal fans.

We are especially thankful for Jenny and Glen Parry who put us up in Horn Lake, Mississippi and kept us safe and fed. If you're around there, check out www.gracepines.com and stay at the area's only Elvis themed B&B.

Stay tuned for updates on the actual doc, but for now, enjoy these pictures and many thanks to all the amazing people who helped us all on our amazing journey! We are back in Southern Cal now but hope to return next year! LONG LIVE THE KING!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

DAY TEN - Sweet soul food and Graceland Too!

We left Tupelo this morning and stopped off in tiny little town of Holly Springs, Mississippi where we ate amazing soul food at Annie's Restaurant. IF YOU ARE EVER NEAR HOLLY SPRINGS YOU MUST EAT HERE! Even if you are in Tupelo or Memphis drive down to Annie's. It's the best fried chicken in the world. Check out the proprietress herself:

After that we wandered over to #1 Fan Paul Mcleod's famous Graceland Too, an Elvis Shrine of epic proportions. He gave us a tour, flirted a little, and even asked Kozue to marry him.

Friday, August 10, 2007

DAY NINE - Mississippi Del...ta-dah!

Another great day on the road next to the river. We talked to a mess of nice people in Vicsburg and then went on up to Leland to eat soul food and hear some real soul singin' by the great owners of Nesia-Rae's diner. We heart smothered chicken.

Tonight we're in Tupelo and tomorrow is fan appreciation day at the birthplace of the King. That's right, after it all we finally made it to where he was born!
Elvis week is going to be quite a ride!


Awesome 8 mm Short Shot by Our Very Own Dagmer WM!

"My Daddy Is Elvis" student film shot by Elvis fan Kat Shuchter